Pre-Marketing 3.23.11

March 23, 2011, 3:29 PM UTC

* Chris Douvos: Indiana Jones, expert investor

* Steven Davidoff: The search for ingredients to replicate Silicon Valley

* Ira Stoll: The Reagan right is divided over the future of supply-side economics

* Cautionary tale: Don’t steal computers from people who know how to use computers

* Morning Call: U.S. futures are mixed, London falls earlyEuropean shares climb and Japan retreats.

* Rob Go: How VCs win

* Hugo Chavez: Capitalism ended life on Mars

* Reid Hoffman: 10 rules for entrepreneurial success

* Bess Levin: Lawrence Taylor’s defense is inspired by David Tepper and Alan Greenspan

* Shira Ovide: Lubrizol employees wonder what it will be like to work for Warren Buffett

* How will the Raj defense handle witness Lloyd Blankfein? Perhaps that he can’t be trusted, as evidenced by all the gov’t investigations into Goldman Sachs.

* Tweet of the Day: @jimmaiella Interesting coincidence that @LinkedIn surpasses 100 million members just as I receive my 100 millionth e-mail from @LinkedIn.