Gametime: Term Sheet’s March Madness Extravaganza

March 16, 2011, 7:58 PM UTC

It’s time to compete against your fellow Term Sheet readers, in our first annual March Madness Extravaganza (or ninth annual, if you followed me over here from my last job).

The top finisher will receive two prizes: (1) A one-year subscription to Fortune Magazine; and (2) The opportunity to write the Term Sheet email column for one morning next month. That column could be anything from an essay to an advertisement to a plea for work. Totally up to you (so long as you don’t use any words that might get us put on blacklists — yes, that happened once).

We’ve already got more than 200 readers signed up. To play:

  1. You will need a Yahoo, Facebook or Google account. Then go to:
  2. Select “Join a Group” (you may need to hit it twice)
  3. Our group ID is 160064. Our group password is toptier.

Just follow the instructions and pick your bracket. You also can choose to qualify for some big cash prizes Yahoo is offering. Good luck!