iPad 1 earns 95% satisfaction rating

March 10, 2011, 6:44 PM UTC

In a February ChangeWave survey, 70% were “very satisfied” and 25% “somewhat satisfied”

Click to enlarge. Source: ChangeWave

There were few surprises in the survey of 3,091 ChangeWave members polled just before the iPad 2 announcement.

  • Interest in buying a tablet among ChangeWave’s early adopter types was up, to 27% from 25% in November.
  • Interest in buying an iPad was high — with 82% preferring Apple’s (AAPL) tablet to Motorola’s (MOT) Xoom (4%), Research in Motion’s (RIMM) Playbook (3%), Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (3%) or Other (8%).
  • Satisfaction among owners of the first-generation iPad was nearly off the charts, with 95% either very or somewhat satisfied, 2% somewhat unsatisfied, 0% very unsatisfied and 2% Don’t Know/NA. (The remaining 1% were apparently lost in round-off error.)

Also released Thursday was an IDC report that showed the iPad with a 73% market share in Q4 2010, down from 93% in Q3. That would seem to give the lie to Steve Jobs’ claim last week that the iPad has a greater than 90% share of the tablet market, except that IDC, like Samsung, is counting units shipped rather than units purchased. (See About that Steve Jobs misquote.)

Below the fold: ChangeWave’s satisfaction and purchase plan charts.

Source: ChangeWave

Source: ChangeWave

A summary of ChangeWave’s findings is available here. The full report can be purchased for $1,500 here.

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