Pre-Marketing 3.9.11

March 9, 2011, 5:38 PM UTC

* John Carney: Why I’m certain the FBI has Rajat Gupta on tape

* Peak pirates? Hostage oversupply forces Somali pirates to cut special return rates

* Groupon remorse? A secondary market has emerged for expiring daily deal coupons

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls earlyEuropean shares inch higher and the Nikkei gains on oil pullback

* Key targets from China’s latest 5-year plan

* New European Internet rule is set to make the cookies crumble

* Sam Biddle: Facebook is AOLifying the Internet… and that sucks

* Shira Ovide: 5 signs that Goldman Sachs (GS) is out of the government dog-house

* Yet another poll showing that Americans have no idea what’s in the federal budget

* Sequoia Capital may be known for tech investing, but it also backs Indian lingerie companies

* Jad Mouawad: Today’s energy price increases are beginning to resemble 2008, but this time the American economy is better prepared

* David Aronoff agrees with Vivek Wadwha’s assertion that Silicon Valley is far ahead of Boston in terms of tech entrepreneurship. Then he smartly skewers Wadhwa’s ignorance of the Boston market.