Pre-Marketing 3.7.11

March 7, 2011, 5:43 PM UTC

* Roy Smith: Volcker still may get the last laugh on prop trading

* The MicroInterns: Middle-schoolers get a lesson in startup life

* Luke Timmerman: It’s time for biotechs to forget about the IPO market

* Sahad PV: Why Ashish Dhawan is the most revered private equity investor in India

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise despite $106 oil, London opens strongEuropean shares rise on tech and the Nikkei tumbles.

* WaPo: Stop badgering Bernanke

* In memoriam: Carl Hess, founder of AEA Investors

* Steve Cheney: How Facebook is killing your authenticity

* GIC chief: Americans are too gloomy about the economy

* Next up: London Stock Exchange mulls a bid for the Nasdaq

* Beyond baseball: Yankees put aside rivalry when tragedy strikes Red Sox

* Vivek Wadhwa: Why Silicon Valley’s immigrant entrepreneurs are returning home (as an addendum: Wadhwa also should have mentioned the maturation of VC markets in places like India, which have made “returning home” a more viable alternative today than it was five or ten years ago).

* Tweet of the Day: @HuffPostHill Huckabee might want to think twice about knocking Natalie Portman’s baby. That thing is going to blow up the Death Star one day.