Pre-Marketing 3.2.11

March 2, 2011, 5:48 PM UTC

* Mark Suster: What every entrepreneur could learn from Justin Bieber

* David Rubenstein’s list of “known knowns and known unknowns” for private equity

* Of code and consequence: Google’s (GOOG) algorithm change causes a VC-backed startup to reduce headcount

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London falls earlyEuropean shares retreat and the Nikkei sheds 2%.

* Gas station owners: Don’t call us gougers!

* Yahoo (YHOO) plans to say sayonara to Japan

* Bill Daley: Why Obama is a pro-business president

* Presidential timber? Texas Gov. Rick Perry blocks journalists from following him on Twitter

* Conflict of interest: Why are individual VCs allowed to trade private company shares on secondary exchanges?

* Tweet of the Day: @darrenrovell The network that DOES NOT have Charlie Sheen on it should declare that an EXCLUSIVE

* Lynn Tilton, whip aficionado and CEO of turnaround firm Patriarch Partners, has gotten her own reality show. It’s called The Diva of Distressed. I wish it were a joke, if for no other reason than that I’ll probably have to watch out of professional obligation.

* Shares of Fifth Third Bank (FITB) fell 4% in after-market trading. Probably because of this disclosure in a regulatory filing:  “The SEC is investigating and has made several requests for information, including by subpoena, concerning issues which Fifth Third understands relate to accounting and reporting matters involving certain of its commercial loans.”