Pre-Marketing 2.15.11

February 15, 2011, 5:30 PM UTC

* James Altucher: How Stevie Cohen changed my life

* Adam Ludwin: 6 signs you may be dating a venture capitalist

* Aza Raskin: The untold story of how my dad helped design the first Mac

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens flatEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei keeps rising.

The perils of buying hedge fund stakes

* Mohamed El-Erian: Resetting Egypt’s economy

* Alex Taussig: Placing your company in historical context

* Rebound: Emerging markets private equity grew by 30% in 2010

* Wake me when it passes: Obama budget includes carried interest tax hike

* Speaking of Obama’s budget, it looks like the SEC is a big winner

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* Gerard Tellis: What does it now mean to “out innovate” the world?

* Oh, that makes more sense: NFL exec involves in Super Bowl ticket snafu used to work at Goldman Sachs

* Emergency Medical Services (EMS) shares fall after buyout agreement with CD&R fails to meet expectations. If this price is considered too low, you’ve got to wonder what losing bidder Bain Capital offered…