Pre-Marketing 2.14.11

February 14, 2011, 5:34 PM UTC

* Brotherly competition: Gores vs. Gores

* Noam Scheiber: How Timothy Geithner survived

* John Carney: If you’re a hedge fund manager, do not mess with Bess Levin

* Morning Call: U.S. futures look flat, London climbs early on minersEuropean shares rise on China inflation talk and the Nikkei hits a 9-month high.

* Felix Salmon: Should bankers fly to China?

* Prison economics: How fish and coffee became cash

* No more fish curry? Groupon drops controversial ads

* Rick Newman: How Hosni Mubarek got filthy sticking rich

* How might the CFTC fund new oversight obligations? User fees.

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* Unintentionally ironic headline of the day: Basel III could force buyout firms to use junk bonds

* New research shows that mega-buyouts have outpaced public equities. One quick note: The returns actually are 0.6-1.4% better than the public markets, per annum (FT has a typo saying 0.8%-1.5%).

* J.P. Morgan (JPM) is planning to raise up to $750 million for a fund that will invest in late-stage tech companies (including $200m for Twitter). Does the bank not remember why it spun off its main PE/VC group years ago?

* John Thain on Hank Paulson letting Lehman go broke: “We collectively, the group of us, we should have just grabbed them and shaken them and said, ‘Look, you guys cannot do this.’”