Apple: Barron’s most-respected, again

February 12, 2011, 7:18 PM UTC

For the second year in a row, Steve Jobs’ company tops the money manager’s list

Source: Barron's

This is not a huge surprise.

After all, Barron’s annual list of the world’s most respected companies is drawn from a survey of professional money managers. And money managers control 70% of Apple’s (AAPL) shares, and thus were largely responsible for the long 2010 rally that made Apple the world’s most valuable tech company.

Still, as Vito Racanelli puts it in this week’s cover story, “the bouquet of accolades thrown at Apple might make even Steve Jobs blush … ‘visionary,’ ‘courageous,’ ‘innovative’ and possessed of a ‘strong corporate culture,’ which has fostered ‘consistent execution.'”

“For Apple,” he writes, “it is hard to know where respect ends and blind adulation begins.”

Below: The top 25 companies on Barron’s list. For the full 100, click here.

Source: Barron's

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