Pre-Marketing 2.12.11

February 11, 2011, 5:52 PM UTC

* Devin Leonard: Why Bill Ackman brings companies misery

* Ray Fisman: Is the “Tiger Mom” approach bad for America’s economy?

* Nicholas Deleon: Guitar Hero didn’t die a natural death. It was killed by myopic greed.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London opens weak,  European shares fall on Egypt and Asian shares retreat.

* Lisa Suennen: Of SportsCenter and ovaries

* Lesson unlearned: Guy Hands wants to buy EMI Group. Again.

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* Paul Koenig: Helping entrepreneurs make sense of M&A deal terms

* Roger Ehrenberg: Are we seeing froth or famine in the Internet investing world?

* Better safe…. Lloyd Blankfein sought gov’t okay on Goldman Sachs (GS) pay, even though he didn’t need to

* Bi-partisan group of Senators pens a letter outlining concerns about implementation of Dodd-Frank’s derivatives regulations

* Tweet of the Day: @LaMonicaBuzz Rumor has it that if $IBM Watson wins on Jeopardy next week, $CSCO may ask “him” to replace John Chambers as CEO.

* Mary Meeker may no longer be with Morgan Stanley (she recently left to join VC firm Kleiner Perkins), but that doesn’t mean she can’t still put together a mean slideshow. Here’s her latest on the Top 10 mobile internet trends, presented yesterday at Google — alongside fellow Kleiner partner Matt Murphy:

[scribd id=48636287 key=key-1rntc12lp4f7gtihftya mode=slideshow]