More Nokia hand tipping by Google employees on Twitter

February 10, 2011, 5:29 PM UTC

This time Tim Bray jumps into the fray.

On his Twitter account this afternoon, Google (GOOG) Android Developer Advocate Tim Bray said,

Poor Mr. Elop. Has to make the big tech call not ever having written a line of mobile code or done system bring-up work.

Mr. Elop, who wrote an amazingly candid note to employees this week on the downfall of Nokia’s (NOK) ‘platform’ is a former Microsoft (MSFT) VP and Macromedia CEO.

It is the second such Tweet in the days following the likely decision of Elop to choose his former Microsoft employer’s platform.

Tuesday, Google VP (and former Microsoft VP) Vic Gundotra said that “two turkeys don’t equal an eagle” meaning that Microsoft and Nokia wouldn’t be better together.

The soap opera continues tomorrow when Elop makes the announcement of which way Nokia will go.

Update: Mr. Bray is backpedaling (and not an Exec, jeepers)