Pre-Marketing 2.8.11

February 8, 2011, 5:37 PM UTC

* John Carney: Why the SEC is fighting a war against private placements

* First TechCrunch. Then HuffPo. What content site will get scooped up next?

* Steve Dickman: How Sanofi could start off on the right foot in Cambridge

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higherLondon falls earlyEuropean shares sell off and the Nikkei hits a 9-month high.

* Rob Go: Is your VC really committed to your seed round?

* Josh Brown: What about a Groupon for stocks?

* Speaking of Groupon, the company the company tries to explain its terrible Super Bowl ad

* Lindsay Whipp: Japanese companies struggle to do overseas deals

* Sarah Lacey asks where Startup Visa is in the Startup America plan

* Timothy Noah: Businesses don’t like regulations? What else is new?

* What he said: Full text of Obama’s speech to the Chamber of Commerce

* Thank you for your cooperation: Detroit’s mayor nixes proposal for a Robocop statue

* I’d really love to come, but… Meredith Whitney cites a “scheduling conflict” for her refusal to testify in front of Congress.

* Tweet of the Day: @dschatsky: Arianna Huffington knows a fool when she marries one. — Media consultant friend of mine