Who remembers a soup ad?

February 3, 2011, 5:18 PM UTC

You might if it were an iAd, according to a study sponsored by Apple and Campbell’s

Source: Advertising Age

The current issue of Advertising Age makes a striking claim.

According to the results of a five-week Nielsen study, people who saw Campbell Soup’s iPhone ad …

  • Were twice as likely to recall it than those who saw its TV ad
  • Remembered the brand “Campbell’s” five times more often than TV viewers
  • Remembered the ad’s message three times more often
  • Liked the ad five times more than the TV ad
  • Said they intended to purchase the soup four times more than the TV viewers

The study was commissioned by Apple (AAPL) and Campbell Soup Co. (CPB). As Ad Age’s Kunur Patel notes, Apple is looking for data that might persuade would-be clients that its iAd service is worth the steep cost of entry: a reported $1 million minimum for first-run advertisers.

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