Who’s who at The (iPad) Daily

February 1, 2011, 6:29 PM UTC

Rupert Murdoch’s new project goes live tomorrow. Here’s who he hired to produce it.

Source: Poynter.org

Poynter.org‘s Damon Kiesow has taken some of the surprise out of the invitation-only launch of News Corp.’s (NWS) The Daily at the Guggenheim Museum Wednesday.

We still don’t know exactly what the first daily newspaper created specially for Apple’s (AAPL) iPad will look or read like, but thanks to Kiesow, we know who Rupert Murdoch has hired to produce it.

Using published reports, LinkedIn bios and some inspired Twitter sleuthing, Kiesow has put together a list of 55 men and women he has identified as Daily editors, writers, columnists, producers and executive staff.

Several top names — including executive editor Jesse Angelo (formerly of Murdoch’s New York Post), Richard Johnson (from the Post‘s Page Six) and Sasha Frere-Jones (from the New Yorker) — were leaked months ago.

But the rest of what’s reported to be a staff of 100 was unknown. Now Kiesow has identified more than half of them. Some were drawn from within Murdoch’s media empire, but most come from as far afield as ABC News, the AP, The Atlantic, AOL News, E! Networks, The Daily Beast, Forbes, Salon, Time.com and the New York Times.

Given the sorry state of the newspaper and magazine industry, there was, unfortunately, plenty of underemployed talent available for hire.

The Daily‘s executive staff is copied below the fold. You can see the full list, with titles, prior affiliations and, in most cases, Twitter accounts, here.

  • Jesse Angelo, executive editor
    (Previously/other affiliations: The New York Post)
  • Greg Clayman, head of business operations
    (Previously/other affiliations: Viacom)
  • David Brinker, senior vice president of business development/operations

    (Previously/other affiliations: Grandparents.com)
  • Mike Nizza, managing editor
    (Previously/other affiliations: The New York Times, AOL News and The Atlantic)
  • Steve Alperin, managing editor
    (Previously/other affiliations: ABC News)
  • Pete Picton, managing editor
    (Previously/other affiliations: The Sun)

Click here for the rest of Kiesow’s list.

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