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Today in Tech: Apple product predictions, Intel Sandy Bridge revealed

A curated selection of the day’s most newsworthy tech stories from all over the Web.

  • The new (bright red) logo for Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. Photo: Motorola via Engadget

    Motorola’s long-awaited split becomes effective today. Instead of the age-old Motorola stock ticker (MOT), eagle-eyed readers will notice two different tickers for the newly-separated entities: Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI), which will handle all mobile devices and set-top boxes, and Motorola Solutions Inc. (MSI) for equipment like public-safety radios and handheld scanners. (Engadget)

  • Intel took the lid off its latest chipset platform, Sandy Bridge — all 29 CPU iterations, not including its new, significantly more advanced integrated graphics options — which mark the first chip from the company to include the processor, memory controller and graphics all on one die. With over 500 Sandy Bridge-toting systems already in the pipeline, users can expect even better performance than the current generation of Core i3, i5, and i7 processors — up to a 60% bump in performance with quad-core mobile CPUs, for instance. (Engadget)
  • With the fanfare over 3-D TV long since over and done with, manufacturers are apparently taking inspiration from app-focused devices like smartphones and tablets for “smart TVs,” units with computer processors and apps. Expect a slew of smart TV announcements at CES this week. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Apple’s stock traded at a record intraday high, putting Apple’s market cap at over $300 billion. (Fortune)
  • In other Apple news, an analyst from Piper Jaffray predicted the probability of various new products coming to pass this year, including a 95% chance of a Verizon iPhone by the end of March, 100% for the Mac App store later this week, 90% for the iTunes cloud services, and 100% for the summer launch of OX Lion. (Fortune)
  • With more than 84 million users, CityVille, the latest from Zynga, just became the most popular app on Facebook ever — no small feat given the city-building simulation launched less than three months ago. (Valleywag)
  • According to Compete, the market share for Microsoft’s Bing search engine rose to 29% last November. (Google remains the champ with over 66%.) (TechCrunch)
  • File-sharing software BitTorrent Mainline and µTorrent, now lays claim to 100 million active monthly users and 400,000 daily client downloads. (TechCrunch)
  • Now that we know 2011 will be the year Android explodes, we also have numbers breaking down just how popular Google’s mobile OS really is, at least with new adopters. According to a recent survey, of the smartphones purchased over the last six months, nearly 41% of them were of the Android variety. (The Nielsen Wire)
  • Yahoo’s Greg Arnold, who supervised the Internet company’s monetization/e-commerce platform efforts, is leaving for LinkedIn, where he will reportedly serve as the professional social network’s director of engineering. (AllThingsD)
  • News Corp. online gaming head Sean Ryan, who arrived at the company earlier this year, is off to become Facebook’s director of gaming partnerships. (AllThingsD)

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