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Google’s Chrome climbs its way to 10% of the browser market

…while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to fall.

NetApplications published its year-end market browser share numbers today which had Google’s (GOOG) Chrome nearing 10% of the overall browser market share.  If you look a the last two years, you see a steady decline in Microsoft’s(MSFT) Internet Explorer which has lost 12 points in that time.  At the same time, Chrome has gone from almost nothing to 10% of the browser.  Firefox peaked at 24% last year but has since dropped back to its 22% and change.  Safari, which shares the same Webkit rendering engine as Chrome, make modest gains over the past two years.

If current trends continue, Microsoft could drop below 50% in the coming year. With Google making a big push with the ChomeOS, there is every reason to believe that in 2011, Microsoft will lose its majority share of Internet browsing.