Google’s ChromeOS kills Caps Lock for Search

December 4, 2010, 7:15 AM UTC

Will the search button become a starndard part of our keyboard layout?

If pictures from Engadget are accurate, Google has replaced the Caps Lock key with a Search button on its ChromeOS laptops.

The Google ChromeOS keyboard, via Engadget

Google (GOOG)  has consolidated the caps lock and the shift keys together (notice the LEDon the shift keys) to make room for a dedicated search key on the keyboard.  There also appear to be some new browsing (forward and back) buttons above the 2 and 3 keys.

There has been a long campaign to get rid of the Caps Lock with the most recent attempts spearheaded by Pieter Hintjens:

Hintjens, the CEO of iMatix, has launched the Capsoff organization in a campaign urging hardware manufacturers to ditch the oft-abused and misused key. Hintjens’ plan is to build the entire infrastructure for the movement using only freely available tools from Google. He’s already set up a Blogger Capsoff blog and a forum at Google Groups.

“The Caps key is an abomination,” Hintjens writes on his blog. “It’s a huge key, stuck right there where the Ctrl used to be, and as far as I know, it’s only used by 419 scammers and Fortran programmers.”

ChromeOS gets announced on Tuesday December 7th with the likelihood of Google-branded devices ready for beta use.