Pre-Marketing 9.29.10

September 29, 2010, 2:48 PM UTC

* Ken Fisher: The idea of a new normal is “idiotic”

* Career lessons from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

* Terry Babcock-Lumish: The dangers of “trust network sclerosis”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London retreats, European shares slide on retail and the Nikkei edges higher.

* Bill Ackman takes Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge

* Sharon Astyk: Yes, you already believe in peak oil

* James Kwak: Bad arguments against tax “increases”

* Startups from the heart: Bill Warner’s advice to founders

* KKR deal-maker predicts the return of mega-buyouts. If he’s right, then KKR had better get to work raising that next fund.

* Max Levchin: AngelGate got me thinking about angels. Maybe we are doing it wrong.

* Tweet of the Day: @felixsalmon Does this mean Larry Summers won’t get his job back? RT @clusterstock: DE Shaw Lays Off 150 People by @courtn_comstock

* Tweet of the Day II: @ScottMAustin: Overheard phone call at PEA Conference: “Ok. So we’ll come up with a thoughtful yet ambiguous response to confuse them.”