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A peek at Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab

It you can’t get enough of Samsung’s Android 2.2-powered Galaxy Tab, here’s almost 10 minutes worth of video of the mini tablet in action.


You may want to mute the soundtrack to this video.

Good news for Europeans: It looks like the first Galaxy Tabs are hitting High Street for £587.49 on October 22nd.  iPads with 3G start at £529.00 in the UK but are without cameras.

If, for some reason, the seven inch variety is too small for you (and you don’t want an iPad for Christmas) Samsung has said there will be a 10-inch Galaxy tablet in the first quarter of 2011.

Samsung is preparing to launch a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab by the first half of 2011.

Apple should be releasing a camera and possibly higher resolution variety of the  iPad around the same time.