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Samsung Media (Hub) Event with Galaxy S and Tab

We’ll be on hand today at Samsung’s media event with news as it happens.

That’s all folks!

Not much gleaned from the Q&A.  You will be able to rent movies from the SamsungHub as well as buy.  Also the content is streaming and can be played on five devices on your domain.

7:30 New site. Zzzzz.

7:25 Gavin Kim talks about Media Hub.  He announces agreements with major studios.  NBC shows a preview.

7:20 They demo Video Chat with Qik.  A little choppy.

7: 15 Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO jumps on stage to show Flash on the Galaxy Tab.

Shows MLB, JK Rowling, a game, Air for Android.  These are getting much better.

7:10 Omar Kahn on stage thanks everyone: consumers, developers, partners and employees.

Says Galaxy Tab is half weight of iPAd and pocketable.  Shows back pocket and suit pocket.

7:10 Kim Sohn says Galaxy Tab will be on all four networks for the holidays.

Wifi only version coming in the near future.

7:00 Samsung US PR head Kim titus is talking about Samsung Galaxy S details.

Kim Sohn announced last month 1 million in the US.  They will ship 2 million next week and 5 million by the end of the year in the US.

Tune in at 6:30PM Eastern for the latest news, live.

We’re expecting to see the first official unveiling of the Galaxy Tab in the US, with hopefully some prices and carrier combinations.  Obviously Samsung will officially detail its Media Hub/Website which will be a one stop shop for content on Samsung Galaxy (and other?) devices.

We’ll also be chatting with Omar Khan later in the evening about GPS, TouchWiz overlays, how to carry a Galaxy Tab around with you (big pockets!?) and his thoughts on Gingerbread.