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“September is the Monday of months. It’s back to school, back to work and back to the city. It means goodbye to all the lush and gaudy greens of the countryside and a return to the sober monochromes of the city.”

— Jeff Scher, a painter and experimental filmmaker. “Summer Retreat,” an animated film that Scher created using oil pastels and watercolor, appears on the New York Times website, along with his musings about the season’s end. How timely, given today’s cool weather in New York City.

I agree that September brings a twinge of melancholy. But it’s my favorite month–ushering in fall’s slanting light, changing colors and relief from the heat. All that makes the “monochromatic” city not such a bad place to be. So, is September your Monday of months? Maybe it depends where you work. –Jessica Shambora