Power Point: See the possibility

May 12, 2009, 2:56 AM UTC

“If you can see the possibility of change in your life — see the possibility of what you can become and not just what you are — you will be a huge success.”

— Oprah Winfrey in her address to Duke University grads on Sunday. After picking up an honorary doctor of human letters, Oprah began by quipping: “I’m gonna have everyone call me ‘doctor’ now.”

How did Duke score the media mogul (No. 8 on Fortune‘s 2008 Most Powerful Women list) for its commencement ceremony? William Bumpus, Oprah’s godson and son of best friend Gayle King, was among the 4,400 graduates. Some might remember that Oprah spoke at his sister Kirby’s graduation from Stanford last year. You can download both speeches for free from iTunes, where you’ll also find the addresses given by former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner at Duke in 2007 and Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs at Stanford in 2005, among others. What’s your favorite commencement speech? –Jessica Shambora