Microsoft: Our video conferencing is more practical

October 19, 2007, 2:48 PM UTC
With the latest Microsoft software, it’s easier to set up conference calls that include video, and a roster that shows who’s talking. Screen capture image: Microsoft

At the launch of Microsoft’s (MSFT) improved communications platform earlier this week, videoconferencing was a hot topic; with the company’s new Office Communications Server and client software, it’s easier than ever to set up conference calls that include advanced features like video and screen sharing.

Gurdeep Pall. Photo: Microsoft

It’s clear that HP and Cisco are promoting a different approach to videoconferencing. While the companies also support more basic solutions, lately they have been promoting their high-end services that deliver high-definition video and rich audio that makes participants feel as though they’re all in the same room. HP’s Halo conferencing system starts at $250,000; Telepresence products from Cisco and Tandberg are more affordable.

In the interview below, Microsoft’s Pall talks about why he believes Microsoft’s approach to videoconferencing is better; it doesn’t require specialized equipment, it’s easier to use, and it will soon support high-definition video. As the interview begins, we talk about how easy it is for Microsoft’s system to work with others, and why that might give the company an advantage. Click below to play.