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Some leaders are sui generis. Benioff, the quirky, opinionated, visionary, and demanding founder and CEO of Salesforce, is one of them. The corporate world hasn’t quite seen the likes of him before. He pushes product with zany zeal: Parties, rock bands, animatronic mascots, and candy emblazoned with his company’s logo all are part of his repertoire. So are his causes: gender parity in compensation, progressive politics, mindful work environments, corporate philanthropy, and a sense of companywide family, or “Ohana.” None of this would matter if Benioff didn’t also have a knack for repeatedly leading his company to its next act. He saw early on that business software buyers would use online programs rather than storing them in their own data centers. He experimented with social tools aimed at consumers and quickly realized businesses would use them too. And most recently Benioff recognized—and has invested aggressively in—artificial intelligence as the next critical business tool.