Jessica Tan

WGL 2021-Jessica Tan
Wei Leng Tay—Bloomberg/Getty Images
  • Title
    Co-CEO, Executive Director
  • Affiliation
    Ping An Group

When COVID-19 slammed China in early 2020, private-sector tech companies played a pivotal role in cushioning the blow. And none was better positioned to help than Ping An Group, an insurance giant whose “technology plus finance” strategy reflects the vision of co-CEO Jessica Tan, an MIT alum and former McKinsey partner. As the pandemic surged, frightened patients shunned in-person medical care, but they turned in droves to Ping An Good Doctor, the company’s telehealth app. The company says Ping An’s spinoff free online consultation service received 1.11 billion visits at the peak of the pandemic, serving as a vital first line of defense. (Good Doctor itself generated more than $1 billion in revenue for the company in 2020, a 36% increase over the previous year.) Ping An’s HealthKonnect division was also one of the first companies to offer widespread COVID testing in China. And Tan’s digital strategy helped Chinese consumers in arenas outside of health care, as well: By the end of 2020, its smart-city arm had helped more than 150 municipalities in China digitize government services so that citizens could minimize in-person interactions.