Mick Ebeling and Daniel Epstein

WGL05.19-Epstein Eberling
Mick Ebeling and Daniel Epstein at Fortune's Brainstorm Health conference. Stuart Isett for FortuneStuart Isett
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    Not Impossible Labs and Unreasonable Group (respectively)

Just because something is unreasonable doesn’t make it impossible. That’s the message Mick Ebeling and Daniel Epstein, two unconventional entrepreneurs, delivered to a captivated crowd at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in April. Ebeling’s Not Impossible Labs has developed technology that extends abilities to the impaired, including wearables that let deaf and hearing people alike feel music in a “surround body” experience, and a 3D-printing lab for prosthetics in Sudan.   Unreasonable, meanwhile, devotes itself to supporting and funding growth-stage entrepreneurs (rather than seed- and early-stage) to help speed those kinds of revolutionary ideas to market. Epstein cites George Bernard Shaw, who wrote that “all progress depends on the unreasonable man,” as an inspiration for his business philosophy. The group has invested time and resources in some 180 unreasonable entrepreneurs to date.