Mina Guli
In this March 16, 2016, photo provided by Kelvin Trautman, Australian long-distance runner Mina Guli, the founder and CEO of Thirst, participates in the 7 Deserts Run4Water expedition in Atacamba, Chile, while attempting to run through seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks to raise awareness of worldwide water shortages, and she is almost done with the more-than-thousand-mile run. (Kelvin Trautman via AP)Kelvin Trautman — AP
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While some climate-related threats can seem abstract, water scarcity is visceral and immediate, palpable in the crunch of drought-ravaged crops or the sting of a parched throat. Guli, an Australian corporate-lawyer-turned-activist, started Thirst to educate consumers about water conservation, but this year the 45-year-old upped the ante, running 40 marathons across seven deserts on seven continents—in just seven weeks—while collecting conservation pledges online. On March 22, World Water Day, she completed her 1,048-mile journey. “Never seen a better example yet of #gobigorgohome,” tweeted a fan in Hong Kong.