Paris Hilton

Courtesy of Paris Hilton
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    Heiress and entrepreneur
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Hilton Hotels’ socialite scion says NFTs are “the future of the creator economy.” One collab with LA-based artist Blake Kathryn—called Iconic Crypto Queen—sold for more than $1 million. She’s also a strategic advisor to the blockchain project Origin Protocol.





Nifty Gateway


Ethereum wallet: 0xB6Aa5a1AA37a4195725cDF1576dc741d359b56bd


Favorite NFT artist: Blake Kathryn [her NFT collaborator], Pak, FEWOCiOUS, RTFKT Studios, Pranksy, Beeple, 3lau, Steve Aoki, Grimes, Josie Bellini, Josh Pierce, Marius Sperlich, Brendan Dawes, FriendsWithYou, Tom Yoo, Geoward, and many, many more

Favorite NFT collectible: “Even though I own NFTs from so many amazingly talented artists, I have to say that I had such a special experience in my collaboration with Blake Kathryn. I have a few mints of Bedroom Bliss from our collaboration which was my first NFT drop. This piece means so much to me and I loved getting to create it with Blake. It represents the safe haven I created in my mind when I was being held at Provo Canyon School. It captures the ethereal safe space that motivated me to keep going during all of those years. I love that it’s my first ever open edition as well and I have it hanging in a digital frame in my house.”