Marguerite DeCourcelle

Courtesy of Marguerite DeCourcelle
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    Neon District RPG

Marguerite deCourcelle is the CEO of blockchain game studio Blockade Games and is an avid NFT collector. She goes by the online alias "coin artist." deCourcelle's first game for the studio, Neon District, allows players to earn and buy NFT items. She even tokenized herself to gauge how influencers can create ownership for their brand.   Follow: Twitter Instagram Personal website Company website Discord Twitch   Ethereum address: 0x148e2ED011A9EAAa200795F62889D68153EEacdE   Favorite NFT artist: x0rart Most prized NFTs:

  • "All I want to do is hold your hand"
  • "Angler's key"—"The NFT was my father's Neon District Founders Key, when he passed away in 2019, we memorialized his key by making him an in-game character and making his key "mythical" status. The most rare key of all. Keys have a variety of in-game and player perks, but this mythical key was also give game lore as being a key that unlocks a secret vault in-game. Sentimentally, this is by far my most precious NFT."