Erick Calderon

  • Title
    CEO and founder
  • Company
    Art Blocks

Erick Calderon is the founder and CEO at Art Blocks, a platform for creating on-demand, generative art pieces. Since its launch a year ago, Art Blocks has garnered the attention of many, including auction house Sotheby’s, which recently sold 19 of the platform’s pieces in a deal totaling $81,000. Calderon, a native Houstonian, uses the online handle Snowfro, which stems from a snow cone stand he used to own.








Ethereum wallet: snowfro.eth 


Favorite NFT artist: Stina Jones

Favorite NFT collectible: “Stina Jones ‘1up:’ It was sent by stina for free to 300 fellow NFT enthusiasts to ‘brighten their day.’”