Alicia Boler Davis

Chona Kasinger
  • Title
    SVP Global Customer Fulfillment
  • Affiliation
  • Age
  • 2020 Rank

It’s been a tumultuous year and a half for Amazon warehouse workers—and for Boler Davis, who oversees those employees in her role running the company’s vast customer fulfillment network. That has meant contending with reports of poor working conditions and warehouse injuries, as well as a failed unionization attempt that put Amazon under scrutiny for allegedly discouraging the effort. (Amazon says it prioritizes a good work environment and that employees are free to unionize if they choose.) Her response has included investing $11.5 billion in equipment and safety measures in 2020 and providing over $700 million in pandemic pay increases. Boler Davis’s enormous purview expanded in 2020, with more than 400,000 new jobs added.

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