Karen Lynch

Courtesy of CVS
  • Title
    EVP of CVS Health, President of Aetna
  • Affiliation
  • Age
  • 2019 Rank

CVS CEO Larry Merlo has often sold the company’s historic merger with health insurer Aetna as an effort to create a “front door” to community health: a corporate entity that can provide everything from on-site medical services to filling prescriptions to OTC consumer health products. Lynch is overseeing the efforts to make that vision a reality—including adjusting the company’s plans to meet the needs of the pandemic. CVS’s health benefits business grew 6.1% year over year to $18.5 billion in revenues in the second quarter alone. Under Lynch, the Medicare Advantage business saw a 30% increase in membership in 2019—more than triple the industry average. CVS manages the largest number of independently run COVID-19 test sites in the country; as of mid-October it will have more than 4,000 sites operating and have administered more than 5 million tests.

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