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2020 marked Sweet’s first full year as CEO and her 10th at the professional services giant. In Accenture’s fiscal 2020, she oversaw $44.3 billion in revenue, $5.1 billion in profit (up 7% from the previous year), and a market cap unsurpassed by any other company run by a CEO in our top 10. Sweet steered Accenture’s more than half a million employees in 51 countries through the pandemic, a crisis that has made the firm’s skills more essential than ever. Accenture has long focused on what it calls “the new”: cloud, digital, and security—businesses that now account for about 70% of its revenues. As COVID-19 hit, the company tapped into that expertise to help connect the U.K.’s 1.2 million National Health Service workers remotely and to partner with Salesforce on contact tracing and vaccine management technology.

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