Revathi Advaithi

MPW 2019. 33. Revathi Advaithi
Jessica Chou for FortuneJessica Chou for Fortune
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Advaithi took over as CEO of Flex, a Singapore-headquartered (but California-based) manufacturing and logistics company, in February 2019, becoming the rare female CEO in the Fortune Global 500. Previously head of the electrical business at Eaton, Advaithi has claimed the corner office of Flex at a trying moment for the $26.2-billion-in-revenue company. After hitting a five-year high of nearly $20 in January 2018, the stock averaged $10 in Advaithi’s half-year in the job. One reason for the doldrums: the business’s relationship with onetime client Huawei has deteriorated in the wake of the Trump administration’s efforts to block companies from working with the Chinese telecom giant. At the top of her agenda: moving the company beyond its high-profile former customer.

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