Geisha Williams

MPW 2017—Geisha Williams
Photograph by Drew Kelly
  • Title
    CEO and President
  • Affiliation
    PG&E Corporation
  • Age

Williams made history this year by becoming the first Latina CEO on the Fortune 500. In March the Cuban-born immigrant took the helm of PG&E, California’s largest utility, after running its electric unit for nearly a decade. Under Williams, the $17.7 billion enterprise reached its most recent target of generating a third of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020—years ahead of schedule. Now she’s tasked with leading the utility’s makeover from pure energy supplier to administrator by enabling the flow of electricity to and from customers who are generating their own from sources like solar panels.

Read “PG&E’s Bolt of Energy” from June for more on Williams.

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Company Financials (2016, or most recently completed fiscal year)

Revenues ($M)17,666
Profits ($M)1,393
Market Value as of 9/14/17 ($M)35943.7