Jessica Uhl

Courtesy of Ed Robinson/Shell
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    Royal Dutch Shell
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Uhl marks another year on the list amid a time of tremendous change for Shell, where she has been CFO since 2017. In the spring during global lockdowns, the company announced it would target net-zero emissions by 2050, the largest oil and gas company to make such a commitment. The target represents a profound transformation for the Anglo-Dutch giant away from its oil and gas roots, and it came during a punishing year financially, as demand for oil plunged. Shell managed to avoid a loss owing to strong trading profits, but it announced billions of dollars in write-downs in 2020 and up to 9,000 layoffs by the end of 2022. Uhl has driven measures this year to support the long-term health of the company and has built on her reputation for pushing for both tax and climate transparency among the world’s energy giants.

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