Jessica Tan

Eric Rechsteiner for Fortune
  • Title
    Co-CEO and Executive Director
  • Company
    Ping An Group
  • Country

Ping An is nominally an insurance company. But the pandemic has underscored its technological prowess and gone a long way to fulfill the “technology-plus-finance” vision that Tan, an MIT and McKinsey alum, has for the company. Demand for its Good Doctor telehealth platform boomed as COVID-19 spread in China in early 2020: In the first half of the year, Good Doctor saw a 26.7% increase year on year in medical consultations as patients avoided hospitals and hands-on care. Other parts of Ping An’s sprawling business are also benefiting from rapid digitalization. Its smart-city arm is helping 118 cities in China digitize their government services as citizens remain wary of in-person interactions. Ping An’s hometown of Shenzhen, for instance, is aiming to deliver 7,000 services on a single app.

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