Jessica Tan

IMPW 2019. 04. Jessican Tan
ERIC RECHSTEINER FOR FORTUNEEric Rechsteiner for Fortune
  • Title
    Co-CEO, COO, CIO
  • Company
    Ping An Group
  • Country

Tan, an MIT graduate in electrical engineering, first encountered Ping An while working at McKinsey in Singapore. As a partner with the consulting firm, Tan helped Ping An develop a major new campus in China—a job she says she was reluctant to take on. But now Tan sits as co-CEO of the $164 billion company, after joining the firm in the dual role of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer in 2013. Nominally an insurance firm but in effect a data-driven tech company, Ping An Group, which ranks No. 29 on the Fortune Global 500, is the largest entity in terms of revenues represented on the list. As COO, Tan has navigated Ping An’s deep dive into tech. Under her new role as co-CEO, Tan continues to oversee the group’s technology ventures, which are the backbone of the company’s operations.

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