Maggie Wei Wu

IMPW 2018-Maggie Wei Wu
Courtesy of Alibaba
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Wei Wu is the woman behind the finances of China’s Alibaba Group, one of the largest online retailers in the world. Wei Wu is the company’s chief financial officer who helped the company IPO in Hong Kong in 2007 and then co-led its privatization efforts in 2012. In the last year, she oversaw billions in M&A activity, leading investments in long-term growth initiatives such as Alibaba’s new retail strategy, which aims to reinvent the brick-and-mortar experience for shoppers. Fiscal year 2018 was a record year for Alibaba — its revenue grew nearly 60% to $39.9 billion.

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Company Financials

2017 Profits9,673.1
2017 Revenues37,770.8
Market Value as of 08/30/18 ($M)457,624.2