Moya Greene

Most Powerful Women 2015
Handout Moya Greene, CEO Royal MailPhotograph by Mike Stone
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    Royal Mail
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Greene got her first raise in the five years that she’s been heading up the United Kingdom’s mail service, but it came along with criticism that she got it in the same year that more than 5,000 of Royal Mail’s employees were laid off. In her five years atop the 500-year-old mail service, Greene has accomplished quite a lot, including successfully privatizing it in 2013 and cutting costs by almost $65 million last year. The native Canadian faces a tough business climate as letter volumes continue to decline and her plans to boost revenue through package growth have been challenged by Amazon’s launch of its own delivery network. —Claire Groden

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2014 Revenues15,056
2014 Profits525
Market Value (as of 09/01/15)6,975