Dominique Leroy

Most Powerful Women 2015
pickup Dominque Leroy, CEO ProximusPhotograph by Francois Lenoir—Reuters/Corbis
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Leroy took over the Belgian telecom company’s top job in 2014, stepping in after the company’s largest shareholder—the Belgian government—fired her predecessor for publicly criticizing it. After a downward slide in revenue before she took over, Leroy revived Proximus’s business in 2014, closing the year with net profit up 3.8%. The company grew its TV customers by 8.7% and mobile customers by 10.4%, in part by focusing on improving customer service. In early 2015, the company introduced free LTE access to its customers. —Claire Groden

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2014 Revenues7,919
2014 Profits869
Market Value (as of 09/01/15)11,910