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ICIC 2019-Tactile Group
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    The Tactile Group is a software development company specializing in cloud-based application development, data collection and visualization, application programming interfaces (APIs), cyber security, and content management. The Tactile Group employs a Hybrid Agile Project Methodology to deliver emerging technologies to government, enterprise, and nonprofit organizations. Located in the civic-minded urban center of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Tactile Group has been able to better pursue civic-focused work and has quick physical access to a larger market within a few hours travel to Harrisburg or Washington DC. Being in an urban center has helped build a sense of place: a place where the Tactile Group team wants to be, a place they can commute to via public transit, and a place where solutions are found faster because everyone can gather in the same room. The Tactile Group is a diverse team of talented professionals who continuously evolve by seeking inspiration in the world around them and who are committed to developing products that improve the lives of others.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationPhiladelphia, Pa.
    Business Leader(s)Marc Coleman, President & CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$2,563,568.1
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)115.59%