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ICIC 2019-Sabre88
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    Robert Cottingham, Jr. credits his entrepreneurial success to his eclectic professional background – he has worked for a U.S. Congressman, earned a judicial clerkship, and helped grow a 6-person startup into a 50-employee firm. He launched Sabre88 in 2008 to provide consulting services to federal government clients. Since then, Sabre88 has established a solid reputation of reliable customer-oriented service in information technology, telecommunications, and financial services along with a host of other sectors. Cottingham plans to continue to expand the firm’s capabilities and lean on their strong recruiting program to continue providing the support that has set them apart from their competitors.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationNewark, N.J.
    Business Leader(s)Robert Cottingham, CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$27,730,226.00
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)113.82%