Philly Bread

ICIC 2019-Philly Bread
Courtesy of Philly BreadCourtesy of Philly Bread

    Philly Bread is a wholesale artisan bakery that produces inventive and approachable breads for restaurants, grocers, and cafes. Their urban location in Philadelphia, Pa. has shaped the company by reinforcing the notion that everyone loves eating and making bread. People are diverse, but bread is meant to be shared and people congregate around that notion. The company culture at Philly Bread is about embracing adventure, balancing the urge to tinker with tradition while maintaining consistent processes that yield consistent products, and embedding themselves within the community that they operate in.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationPhiladelphia, Pa.
    Business Leader(s)Peter Merzbacher, Founder & CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$1,004,587.3
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)426.06%