Peticolas Brewing Company

ICIC 2019-Peticolas Brewing
Courtesy of Peticolas BrewingCourtesy of Peticolas Brewing

    Brewmaster Michael Peticolas has two passions in life: soccer and beer. Coming from 5 generations of lawyers, Michael spent the earlier part of his career as a lawyer. In 2010, Michael realized he had completed all he had set out to achieve in his law career and pivoted to open a successful microbrewery, Peticolas Brewing Company. Peticolas Brewing Company does not bottle or can their beer, Peticolas Brewing Company packages their beer exclusively in kegs and self-distributes all of the beer it produces. The majority of their customers are distribution-based. After operating a brewery/distributorship for 5 years, Peticolas Brewing Company opened their own Taproom. Peticolas Brewing Company’s aim is to deliver “world class passion in a glass,” which they have surely achieved—in their first year, Peticolas Brewing Company was awarded two gold medals as well as a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival, one of the highest honors in the microbrewery community. They also just won Best Brewery in America at the US Open Beer Championship.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationDallas, Texas
    Business Leader(s)Michael Peticolas, Operator
    2018 Revenues ($M)$2,466,644
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)84.38%