LEEP Forward

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    Lorell Marin established LEEP Forward, a pediatric clinic, after working in education and early intervention and realizing there was a gap in care for children with special needs between the ages of three and five. Today, LEEP Forward has become a one-stop facility providing individual and group developmental and behavioral services. Services include speech, occupational and physical therapy, as well as DIR focused work and mental health services for youth from birth to their teen years. Marin says that what sets her clinic apart is its high level of specialization and the continuous training and education her staff members receive as well as a multi-disciplinary approach. In addition, parents are always included as members of the team and provided special training as well. LEEP Forward has opened a second location and expanded to include Quantum LEEP Academy. Quantum LEEP Academy is a private independent school serving kids K-5th grade on the Northside of Chicago. Quantum LEEP integrates academics with therapeutic support.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationChicago, Ill.
    Business Leader(s)Lorell Marin, CEO & Owner
    2018 Revenues ($M)$4,860,670
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)97.13%