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    DornerWorks knows that its customers want to lead the market and that customers care about their products. That’s why DornerWorks has a team of 60+ engineers who are available to guide customers to success, along with dozens of other companies, every year. When companies come to DornerWorks for engineering solutions, they stop worrying about wasting time and money on products that don’t work the way they want them to (or don’t work at all), and instead break free from the stress of a never-ending workweek, win back time to focus on their customers, and build products that dominate the market. Located in the urban heart of West Michigan, DornerWorks has benefitted from access to a talent pool of expert engineers from several local colleges and universities, a community of supportive organizations and resources that help small businesses grow, and proximity to some of the most innovative companies in the aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer goods markets. DornerWorks strives to be a leader in embedded electronic systems design, demonstrating integrity, honesty, compassion, and good stewardship throughout the development process in its relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers. DornerWorks is a family business that has created a business family, and they are on the journey to becoming an employee owned business via an ESOP.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationGrand Rapids, Mich.
    Business Leader(s)David K. Dorner, President & CEO
    2018 Revenues ($M)$14,316,035
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)58.27%