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    Apple Child Care Center is a Keystone STAR-3 accredited preschool in Northeast Philadelphia with a mission to support early childhood learning and development with high-quality programs, safe and activity-based classrooms, and daily communication with parents. Apple Child Care Center solves an urgent need in our urban community for parents who wish to deepen their child’s experience through access to a supportive and nurturing classroom structure. Apple Child Care Center is located in a modest, lower-middle class urban community with a population that reflects social, ethnic and cultural diversity. Student enrollment is diverse, and the curriculum, lesson planning, books, posters and activities promote diversity as well. The corporate culture is one that encourages positive staff role modeling and engagement with children, team-collaboration and maintaining verbal and written exchanges with parents. Apple Child Care Center inspires teachers to be creative and take initiatives in sustaining high-quality learning opportunities throughout the day for the children in their classrooms.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationPhiladelphia, Pa.
    Business Leader(s)Robert Borenstein, President
    2018 Revenues ($M)$1,004,576
    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)30.15%