Courtesy of StudioLabs

    Founder and CEO Liz Young says that StudioLabs wasn’t the result of “a grand scheme to go out and set the world on fire.” Rather, it happened out of necessity. After 9/11 agencies were pulling out big ad placements because they wanted to wait until things “normalized.” The agency Liz was working for closed its doors and Liz freelanced until she had so much work to do that she needed to hire. 15 years later and StudioLabs continues to experience an impressive growth rate over 100%. One way they’ve managed to do so is by staying at the forefront of all new technologies. It’s not only important, but necessary: “Certain technologies get to a point where they are easily replicated digital products they can be handled by overseas digital shops,” explains Liz. Therefore, there are StudioLabs team members that are assigned to research new technologies and decide which ones the organization needs to be trained on. Liz also attributes their growth to their location in downtown Buffalo. New York has invested a billion dollars into bringing jobs to the area and StudioLabs has benefited from the resurgence.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)104.63%
    2017 Revenues ($M)$3,557,355.00
    HQ LocationBuffalo, New York
    Business Leader(s)Liz Young