Simple Energy

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    Company Blurb: Simple Energy is the leading provider of utility-branded marketplaces and customer engagement software for the largest investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities like Exelon, Southern Company, Xcel Energy, National Grid, and SMUD. In addition to working with the largest utilities companies across America, Simple Energy engages local residents to help them conserve energy in their home. Founder and CEO Yoav Lurie is most proud that they have saved Americans across the country $200 million in power bills: “that’s money that goes to paying for groceries, or summer camp or family vacations. That’s how we measure growth—houses taken off of the grid and dollars saved.” The Simple Energy team was inspired but depressed by the research released about energy-deficient deserts. The question became, “how do we spread renewable energy across all income levels?” says Yoav. One response to this is seen in Simple Energy partnership with Nest and its low-income energy efficiency program, the Power Project. Yoav views initiatives like these to be “not only effective, but also just.” Looking forward, Simple Energy will continue to explore how to make the utilities industry part of the clean energy future.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)958.97%
    2017 Revenues ($M)$23,906,572.00
    HQ LocationBoulder, Colorado
    Business Leader(s)Yoav Lurie; Justin Segall
    TitleFounder and CEO; President and Founder